Our Process

1: Research

Here is where we go back to school. We do primary and secondary research on your industry, competition, and target market. We learn the ends and outs about your brand, your goals, and become mini-experts on you.

Image of Research

Image of Script writing

2: Script

The script is the heart of a StoryScribe. Here we bring together all of our research to develop a clever and mesmerizing story. Your story is written with a focus on vernacular and cognitive science. We use the right language at the right time to engage the right people. We use words to accurately express your brand.

3: Storyboard

The storyboard is what stimulates the visual senses; we create illustrations that are engaging and memorable. We match the feel and style of your brand. The graphics will be simple, professional and creative.

Image of Storyboarding

Image of Voice over Reading

4: Story Reading

What is a story without a voice? Here we match you with the right voice and tone for your video. We work with you to select one of our professional voice artists that perfectly align with your brand. With guidance from our storytelling team, the artist will then professionally record your script.

5: Animation

This is where the magic takes place! We put all your Illustrations into action. A great deal of brain power goes into acknowledging movement. This is great but the brain can only process and remember so much. Here we make sure we use just enough movement to keep the viewer engaged, entertained, and connected with your message.

Image of Animation Magic

Image of the Production

6: Production

The production stage is the final stage. Here is where our engineers go to work, leveling and mastering the sound, adding the perfect music and sound effects, and putting everything together.

7: Strategy

What good is a StoryScribe video without a marketing strategy? Upon delivering your video, we will equip you with a strategy on how to best display and promote your new video. We make sure you take your video and really see the results you want!

Image of Strategy Delivery